Canada - Coastal conservation group working without an office

The Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation has permanently moved out of it’s office in the Square in Goderich.

Stewardship Coordinator Hannah Cann says it was a difficult decision but it was time.

“The timing was perfect with the COVID happening and the work from home measures.. Because we’re a non-profit, charitable organization, we rely on donations from the public and these grants that are hard-earned and we have to apply for them.” said Cann. “Our overhead costs and our administration costs were really tough, and we were finding that we could work just as efficiently without our office. I think there’s a lot of non-profits that are going in this direction, wanting to go virtual because they operate with such thin budgets.”

Cann points out they’re able to offer just as many programs as they did last year and, in fact, are still expanding programming.

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