CAN - Seaweed: The Ocean's Superpower

Kove Ocean Foods is on a mission to improve human health, support coastal communities and heal the Earth, by creating the tastiest, most delicious and nutritious foods made with seaweed.

Why Seaweed? Because it’s the Ocean’s superpower! It creates habitat, produces oxygen, captures carbon and improves marine ecosystems as it grows, while holding the powerful properties needed to provide nutritious food and ingredients and produce bio-packaging, natural dyes, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, fertilizers and more. Ocean cultivated seaweed does not require arable land, freshwater or pesticides—everything it needs to grow is absorbed from the sea and the sun.

But the climate-friendly superpower is only the beginning of what makes Kove Ocean Foods a special story.

“The Kove brand is powered by our company, Cascadia Seaweed,” says Desiree Dupuis, VP of sales and marketing, “And Cascadia partners with First Nations communities to grow our seaweed in the cold, pristine waters of British Columbia. Not only is our crop a champion for a healthy planet, our business model demonstrates meaningful examples of Indigenous reconciliation.”

Cascadia Seaweed currently has seven farms in six different Territories, with plans to install another large farm this summer in time for the winter growing season. “We are growing to be the largest ocean cultivator of seaweed in North America,” Dupuis says. “We value the opportunity to work with local people in remote places. This industry represents an opportunity to create thousands of jobs along the coast of BC, while directly supporting the development of Canada’s Blue Economy.”

For thousands of years, people have used the nutritional benefits and healing properties of seaweed. Kove Ocean Foods entwines Traditional Knowledge with modern techniques to produce a delicious line of products in a way that any socially responsible, climate-conscious consumer would be proud of.

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