Capt. David Anderson of Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari in Dana Point, Calif., shows a net that a whale was found entangled in on Nov. 30, 2015. Christine Armario / The Canadian Press / AP

CAN - Fisheries and Oceans Canada announces 26 recipients of $8.3 million fund to clean up oceans of "ghost" fishing gear

OTTAWA, ON, July 8, 2020 /CNW/ - The Government of Canada is working hard to protect our oceans and the marine life they sustain.

We have been clear that our target is to protect 25% of our oceans by 2025, working toward 30% by 2030. As we work to increase marine protections from coast to coast to coast, we are also working to rid our oceans of harmful waste.    

Lost and abandoned fishing gear, or 'ghost gear,' is one of the largest contributors to marine litter around the world. It is one of the deadliest forms of plastic debris and poses serious danger to marine animals like whales and turtles, the coastal and marine environment, and global fishing stocks. To combat this threat, Fisheries and Oceans Canada is funding 26 projects in Canada and around the world to help rid the oceans of this destructive litter.

The $8.3 million Sustainable Fisheries Solutions and Retrieval Support Contribution Program, known as the Ghost Gear Fund will fund 22 projects in Canada and four internationally over the next two years. All projects fall into at least one of four categories: gear retrieval, responsible disposal, acquisition and piloting of available gear technology, and international leadership.

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