via Integrated Operations and Real-Time Analytics Project

CAN - Establishing Cutting-Edge Aquaculture Infrastructure in Atlantic Canada

A $27 million project that aims to equip eastern Canada’s aquaculture operators with a suite of cutting-edge technologies to improve their operations in remote locations has been announced today.

Called the Integrated Operations and Real-Time Analytics Project, it is being led by Grieg Seafood Newfoundland, Innovasea, SubC Imaging, AKVA Group, and High-Tech Communications.

When complete it will enable fish farming companies in Newfoundland and Labrador to operate a number of systems remotely in areas where this would not have been previously possible due to lack of connectivity. Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is contributing close to $12 million to the project, with the remaining $14.8 million coming from the industry.

The project aims to benefit its partners through:

  • Enhanced containment monitoring.
  • Better fish health monitoring.
  • Advanced equipment monitoring.
  • Broadened environmental monitoring.
  • Increased storm preparedness.
  • Improved crew safety.
  • Innovative network capabilities and farm system software.

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