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Cameron, Willacy County awarded funds for shoreline projects

Texas - On Thursday Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush announced Cameron and Willacy County are among many coast line counties receiving funds from his office for projects helpful to restoring the coast.

Cameron County is set to receive $658,510.61 for projects on South Padre Island and Willacy County $359,068.63 for Port Mansfield and its surrounding area.

The funds are part of a $46 million federal grant from the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA) aimed to further support restoration of the Texas Shoreline.

"The revenue from GOMESA is crucial to enhancing and protecting the Gulf coast," said Commissioner Bush. " These funds will allow the GLO to fund coastal projects targeting the restoration of coastal damage from Hurricane’s Ike and Harvey and enhancing resiliency of the Texas shoreline to prevent future threats. I am excited to continue implementing additional solutions for the benefit of our great state."

According to a release, the Texas General Land Office is dedicated to seeing the Texas coast revive and strengthen, and establishing the necessary resources in order for the state's coast to be taken care of both now and in the future.

GOMESA funding is authorized for the following uses:

  • Projects and activities for coastal protection, including conservation, coastal restoration, hurricane protection and infrastructure directly affected by coastal wetland losses.
  • Mitigation of damage to fish, wildlife or natural resources.
  • Implementation of federal approved marine, coastal or comprehensive conservation management plan.
  • Mitigation of the impact of OCS activities through the funding of onshore infrastructure projects.
  • Planning assistance and administrative costs, not to exceed 3 percent of the amounts received.

Below is a breakdown of the amount of federal funds each county has received:

State of Texas and CPS

State of Texas -- $46,313,471.21

Aransas County -- $466,178.75

Brazoria County -- $779,380.51

Calhoun County -- $628,382.99

Cameron County -- $658,510.61

Chambers County -- $406,855.52

Galveston County -- $1,024,591.91

Harris County -- $2,263,694.49

Jackson County -- $300,964.36

Jefferson County -- $794,042.37

Kenedy County -- $633,309.25

Kleberg County -- $459,956.66

Matagorda County -- $901,868.30

Nueces County -- $614,486.78

Orange County -- $392,328.39

Refugio County -- $285,845.51

San Patricio County -- $298,699.69

Victoria County -- $310,203.11

Willacy County -- $359,068.63

Texas Total -- $57,891,839.04

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