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California: Oceanside to launch sand retention study

Alarmed by Oceanside’s shrinking beaches, a group of residents succeeded this week in getting the city to consider taking on the federal government’s oversight of a local sand replenishment project. The City Council unanimously approved a motion Wednesday by Mayor Peter Weiss to have staffers prepare a capital budget amendment to cover the anticipated costs of a sand-retention project. Details will be presented at an upcoming council meeting.

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by Samantha Taylor

OCEANSIDE — After years of struggling to keep sand on its beaches with little help from federal and state resources, the city is preparing a plan of its own.

City Council directed staff at its Oct. 9 meeting to develop a project that will prepare a preliminary design along with an environmental review and necessary permits for beach sand retention. This project will be included as an amendment to the city’s Capital Improvements Budget.

Oceanside’s sand woes started in 1942 after Camp Pendleton Harbor’s north jetty was built, according to Public Works Director Kiel Koger.

The federal government acknowledged responsibility for the sand erosion in 1953. Nearly half a decade later, U.S. Congress authorized a study to be completed within 44 months and funded entirely by federal resources to mitigate erosion and other impacts caused by Camp Pendleton’s harbor with the Water Resources Act of 2000.

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