California Love: Impressive Northeast Pacific Low = Solid Surf

A low dropping southeastward from the Aleutians yesterday delivers a solid run of WNW swell for the Golden State to kickstart December.

As the low intensified, a nice pocket of winds in the 40-45kt+ range and seas in excess of 35’+ — both above model guidance — were measured by satellite roughly 1000 miles west of San Francisco midday Saturday.

Surf is on the rise from north to south all-day Sunday with a peak in size early in the new week. Conditions are a moving target to start the week north from Point Conception, improving across the board into midweek. For Southern California, conditions are most favorable to start before the low eventually moves ashore midweek.

WNW Swell Spikes on CA Buoy

The California Buoy spiked through the early morning hours Sunday, peaking mid-morning. Buoy 46059 is a great indicator of swell arrival times across California. See below for a breakdown for key regions.

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