Cabinet decisions: Indian Coastal areas in for a major facelift

The government has lifted a freeze on development of urban coastal lands, a move that could lead to a major facelift of these areas with renovated infrastructure, besides the setting up of employment-generating economic units and tourism facilities. According to a cabinet decision late Thursday, floor space index (FSI) and floor area ratio (FAR) would be allowed as per the current norms in the Coastal Regulation Zone-II (urban) areas, by lifting a freeze imposed in 2011.

FSI is the ratio of a building’s gross floor area to the size of the piece of land upon which it is built.

The cabinet decision to relax the norms would enable redevelopment of sizeable tracts of land in CRZs to meet the emerging needs. The new policy also affords greater opportunities for development of densely populated rural areas in the CRZs.

“A need was felt overtime to undertake a comprehensive revision of the (2011 CRZ) notification on the basis of number of representations from various coastal states/ UTs, besides other stakeholders particularly related to the management and conservation of marine and coastal eco-systems, development in coastal areas, eco-tourism, livelihood options and sustainable development of coastal communities etc,” the government said.

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