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Kids take ride on Channelkeeper boat. (Courtesy photo)

CA - Santa Barbara Channelkeeper Marks 20th Anniversary

For 20 years Santa Barbara Channelkeeper has protected the precious water resources in and along the Santa Barbara Channel through science-based advocacy, education, field work and enforcement.

Diving into its 20th year of work for clean water on the South Coast, the Channelkeeper team in 2020 will celebrate its continuing environmental impact with the local community through a series of initiatives and events.

The organization is dedicated to addressing the primary threats to water resources, including plastic pollution, urban and agricultural runoff, dewatered streams, wetland destruction, sewage spills, offshore fracking, and oil spills.

By monitoring ecosystems and tracking pollution; educating community members, young people and policymakers; advocating for sound water policies; and enforcing environmental regulations through legal action, Channelkeeper has made a significant impact to protect water quality and aquatic habitats in the Santa Barbara Channel and its watersheds.

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