CA - Road Trips: Maverick’s

The Pacific Ocean, Point Reyes National Seashore, and an antibiotic called Bactrim, all contributed to the quick recovery of my traveling companion. We were full strength once again and heading south. Golden Gate Bridge and more stunning views of the Pacific were in our immediate future.

The trip from Point Reyes to San Francisco was beautiful but slow. Narrow, winding roads, and signs warning of severe punishment for speeders kept our speed down, but then we weren’t in a big hurry.

I remember thinking how the roads reminded me of traveling in Ireland. Not sure why but that idea kept reappearing in my mind as we rounded curves and discovered new and unique landscapes.

While visiting my Uncle Will, I was instructed to find out how much it cost to cross Golden Gate Bridge. Willard had mentioned being able to cross it for 25 cents when he was a young man first arriving in the area. We discovered it now costs five dollars, although we didn’t pay anything. Being redneck tourists from the South, we got into the wrong line and drove through the auto pay line without incident. It took two years for me to stop expecting a bill from California with my auto tag in a picture.

After crossing the bridge into San Francisco, we made a corporate decision to reverse course and travel around the heart of the city toward Maverick’s Beach. San Francisco’s congestion proved too time consuming for us. We wanted to get to the legendary big wave surfing location, even though there was conclusive evidence the waves would not be the impressive swells that gave the place its well deserved reputation.

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