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CA - Resilient Cities Catalyst Launches the California Resilience Partnership -- a New Statewide, Collaborative, Multi-Sector Effort With the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Groundbreaking public-philanthropic partnership will leverage funding from the Hilton Foundation, Alumbra Innovations Foundation, The San Diego Foundation, and Builders Initiative to advance innovative projects tackling CA's complex resilience challenges.

Resilient Cities Catalyst (RCC) today launched the California Resilience Partnership (CRP), a multimillion-dollar public-philanthropic effort in coordination with a diverse set of organizations and stakeholders, along with participation by representatives of California State Agencies, to support collaboration on statewide priorities. California’s regions are tackling unprecedented, urgent, and compounding resilience challenges, linked by common drivers including climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice, and economic forces. This new, multi-sector model, expanding statewide from pilot work in Los Angeles and San Diego, will develop new partnerships to advance high-impact projects that tackle California’s complex resilience challenges across several regions in the state.

This new model is designed to attract philanthropic and other funders for high-impact resilience projects. CRP aims to secure at least $30 million from public, private, and philanthropic sources over the next five years to help scale to regions across the state. To date, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has committed nearly $3 million in grant support for the CRP and complementary projects, along with additional support from Alumbra Innovations Foundation, The San Diego Foundation, and Builders Initiative. In addition, a project emerging from CRP pilot work recently secured funding from the California Ocean Protection Council. New and existing grant funding for CRP includes:

  • Hilton Foundation: $1.85 million in total support to RCC to date, including a new gift of $1 million that builds upon prior support.
  • The California Ocean Protection Council (OPC): up to $600,000 grant award secured through Proposition 68 funding, enabling RCC, working with the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative (SDRCC) and the Local Government Commission, to lead a regional coastal resilience strategic planning process.

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