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Oceanside beachfront. (Sand Nourishment & Retention Pilot Project)

CA - Oceanside Coastal Resilience Design Competition

Today, the City of Oceanside named 15 local, state, and national experts to serve as a Jury in its upcoming Coastal Resilience Design Competition. The Competition intends to generate innovative solutions for the retention of sand along Oceanside's beloved coast, particularly south of the Oceanside Pier where the impacts from rapid coastal erosion are felt most acutely.

The Design Competition is a component of the Phase Two: Sand Nourishment & Retention Pilot Project, approved by City Council in January 2023. The Phase 2 Project additionally entails the identification of a localized offshore sand source that can be more readily excavated and placed, fulfilling the beach nourishment component of the two-pronged approach to alleviating eroded beach conditions.

The Design Competition Jury is a key component of the Coastal Resilience Design Competition and consists of 10 voting members, reflecting community, regional and stakeholder interests in the implementation of a pilot sand retention project. Additionally, five non-voting, advisory members will also participate, share, and discuss design and permitting complexities from their perspectives and experience. Each juror applied to participate in this role, and the Jury’s final composition was established to form a balanced and wide-ranging portfolio of expertise and perspectives.

Highlighted Jury members include:

Dr. Lesley Ewing PE, former Senior Coastal Engineer for the California Coastal Commission

Dr. Charles Lester, Director, Ocean and Coastal Policy Center, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara, and former Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission

Bob Ashton, CEO/President, Save Oceanside Sand (SOS)

Chris Abad, Director, Oceanside Boardrider’s Club

Councilmember Dwight Worden, Del Mar City Council and Chair of SANDAG Shoreline Preservation Working Group

“Oceanside has a legitimate sand loss problem. I want to help find a solution that works for Oceanside that is consistent and supportive of the needs of all the cities in the littoral cell. The right solution will create a sandy beach that benefits the region, does not disrupt surf or biotic resources, and does not impede downstream sand flow.” —Councilmember Dwight Worden, Competition Juror,  Del Mar City Councilmember and Chair of SANDAG Shoreline Preservation Working Group

Non-voting advisory members include representatives from the California Coastal Commission, Surfrider Foundation, and the California State Coastal Conservancy.  A full list of the Jury can be found in the Competition’s Design Brief.

“My vision for the Oceanside coast is that it becomes a feeder for the entire littoral cell and an example for other North Coast communities. I believe this Design Competition will help make this vision a reality.” —Dr. Lesley Ewing, Competition Juror, Former Senior Coastal Engineer for California Coastal Commission

Through a competitive process with community and expert input, designers will develop innovative yet implementable solutions. Teams will be encouraged to explore nature-inspired or nature-based features in their designs, and the City expects their proposals will utilize a mix of interventions that include but are not limited to dunes, cobble berms, headlands, and reefs, to support sand retention and storage. The competition is designed and managed by Resilient Cities Catalyst, a nonprofit organization with experience managing international design competitions and developing resilience projects. GHD, Inc., serves as the prime contractor and consulting firm responsible for the engineering and permitting of the selected pilot project.

"This competition is addressing one of our greatest coastal management challenges and I am looking forward to working with other jurors to identify resilient shoreline strategies that address all of our shared concerns, including maximizing public beach and recreational access, protecting ocean and coastal habitats, maintaining a strong coastal economy and providing affordable housing for all who want to live in Oceanside, built on the recognition, engagement and equitable treatment of all social groups and cultures.” —Dr. Charles Lester, Competition Juror, Director, Ocean and Coastal Policy Center, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara, and former Executive Director of the California Coastal Commission

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