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CA - MBARI Announces $53 Million Grant to Study Ocean Health With 500 Roving Floats

Considering how interconnected and small the world feels, much of the ocean goes surprisingly unmonitored by scientists.

Decades pass between visits by research vessels even in some ocean regions that are critical to our understanding of the climate crisis and the state of ocean fisheries.

The lapse in ocean data will soon be corrected thanks to a massive new effort being coordinated by Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute out of Moss Landing.

MBARI and partnering oceanographic research centers received a $52.9 million grant from the National Science Foundation on Oct. 29 to build and deploy a global network of 500 robotic floats equipped with advanced sensors.

In a statement, MBARI President and CEO Chris Scholin said the project will supply “critical information about ocean health, in near real-time” to researchers, educators and policymakers.

“This innovative biogeochemical sensing technology, developed at MBARI, is transforming our ability to understand and predict how the global ocean is being impacted by climate change,” he said.

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