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With its latest design, the Trinidad Rancheria’s hotel project is intended to be more compatible with the surrounding bay. (Contributed)

CA - Federal Indian Bureau signs off on Trinidad hotel project, frustrating critics

Supervisor Steve Madrone authors letter questioning decision

he controversial Trinidad hotel project received a major boost from the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, which announced last week it found the five-story, 100-room hotel would have “no significant impact” on the surrounding environment.

In the wake of public questions about the hotel’s future water source, the bureau signed off on the Trinidad Rancheria’s ability to either use the city of Trinidad’s water supply or rely on groundwater wells located near the harbor. The bureau will also provide a loan guarantee for the project, picking up the tab if the tribe were unable to make its bank payments.

Last year, the California Coastal Commission had voted to find the project consistent with state coastal policies so long as the rancheria located a consistent water source.

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