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Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara

CA - Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara Advocating for 'Maritime Collective' Site

The envisioned Maritime Collective would serve as a multipurpose facility providing commercial fishermen with boat, gear and processing space as well as office, meeting and shop space for the emerging blue economy entrepreneurs.

SANTA BARBARA—Santa Barbara Harbor is home to sailboats, powerboats, a few historical boats, charter boats, wineries, seafood restaurants and a renowned maritime museum. Weaved into the popular recreational harbor, is also a working harbor, including a fleet of 200 commercial fishing vessels.

With waterfront property at a premium, Commercial Fishermen of Santa Barbara (CFSB), a non-profit working to preserve the resilience of the local commercial fishing community, has been working with the City Council, Waterfront Department and Harbor Commission to ensure the shore-side spaces needed for gear, boat storage and cold storage do not disappear. They are also hoping to expand their footprint in the harbor, striving to turn the $35 million commercial fishing industry into a $70 million industry and aid in the city’s economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis.

“A starting point that will build momentum is our ‘Maritime Collective’ site concept, designed to foster economic development,” CFSB said in a letter sent to the City Council on June 4.

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