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CA - City Seeks Feedback on Proposal for De Anza Cove Redevelopment Including Climate Resiliency

The city of San Diego Tuesday released an updated proposal for the redevelopment of De Anza Cove in the northeastern corner of Mission Bay Park, and asked San Diegans to weigh in on the plan.

The revised proposal, “De Anza Natural,” would amend the Mission Bay Park Master Plan with “a balance of land uses that serves local and regional recreational needs, while also restoring natural habitats and preparing for the impacts of climate change,” the proposal reads.

“Planning for climate resiliency in De Anza Cove provides incredible opportunities for expanded wetlands, as well as treasured recreational experiences,” Interim Planning Director Heidi Vonblum said. “De Anza Natural demonstrates how we can thrive in a changing climate by improving the habitat and providing opportunities for carbon sequestration, while also planning safe and enjoyable coastal access for all residents.”

The city released its initial design proposal area in 2018. Following recommendations from the public, the 2022 proposal includes more wetlands and strategies intended to address climate change. For example, De Anza Natural focuses on nature-based solutions for sea-level rise.

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