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The City of San Clemente has announced the initiation of a study that seeks to find solutions to coastal erosion in San Clemente, the results of which will be presented in February. Photo: Shawn Raymundo

CA - City Looking to Create Coastal Administrator Position

San Clemente city staff are moving ahead in the process of finding a coastal administrator who would be tasked with directly handling coastal issues and beach restoration efforts as the topic of coastal erosion grows in relevance.

The City Council received an update on the matter Tuesday, May 2, as staff was previously directed to include the role in the city’s Fiscal Year 2023-2024 budget, as well as create a job description and competitive salary range.

Councilmember Victor Cabral and City Manager Andy Hall met with Jayme Timberlake, the City of Oceanside’s own coastal zone administrator, last month to learn about her position and how to integrate it into the city’s overall structure and function.

The Oceanside City Council created the role in December 2021, tasking the position with administering activities related to sand replenishment, coastal resiliency planning and more, and supporting the city’s efforts to protect coastal resources, in addition to a multitude of other responsibilities.

The annual salary  range was listed between $96,684 and $129,564, according to the website californiacitynews.org, which lists available city and county jobs.

Cabral pointed out that he and Councilmember Mark Enmeier, who comprise the council’s Beach Subcommittee, had jointly recommended creating such a position.

“It’s an issue that I think, for years, has been neglected,” said Cabral. “I think that the model that’s used by the City of Oceanside and what we learned from that person is valuable.”

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