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Breaking down what the city of Fairhope spends to replenish beach sand

FAIRHOPE, Ala. ( WPMI) — Since 2014, the city of Fairhope has spent more than $94,000 dollars in sand and labor to restore one of the city's most popular public beach fronts. The city is waiting for more than 6 million dollars in BP restore act money to come their way for shoreline projects.

For decades, Magnolia Beach located South of the Fairhope Pier has been in trouble with beach erosion.

Tonight we follow the money and we have a look at what's next for this small piece of paradise.

All the city has been able to do is maintain the beach spending more and more money nearly every year.

Right now, Magnolia Beach is essentially off limits. It's not closed but its certainly not safe.

Mother nature and the natural wave action along Mobile Bay have been eroding this beach for decades.

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