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North Captiva Beach, Flickr

Bond referendum to finance beach renourishment passes

Voters approved a bond referendum today to fund the upcoming beach renourishment project. The fill volume is estimated at 900,000 cubic yards of sand over 25,600 linear feet of shoreline. The project's total estimated cost is $30.4 million, and it assumes no federal participation.

During the special election, Captiva residents voted overwhelming in support of the referendum, which will allow the Captiva Erosion Prevention District to issue bonds not exceeding $18 million that will be payable from special assessments on benefiting island lands to finance the 2020-2021 project.

A total of 123 voters cast a ballot, according to Lee County Elections. One hundred and six voters - 86.18 percent - voted yes for the referendum, while 17 voters - 13.82 percent - cast a no vote.

"The CEPD wants to thank all of you for voting yes on the bond referendum," CEPD Administrator Carolyn Weaver said. "We are grateful for your support and look forward to the 2020-2021 beach renourishment project."

The nourished beach area extends along 4.9 miles of shoreline between Redfish Pass and Blind Pass. As of Feb. 21, fill placement along northern Sanibel and Bowman's Beach was not included as interlocal agreements had not been established, the CEPD reported. Inclusion of the segments may be considered if agreements are negotiated.

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