Cinnamon Teal (Jeff Lewis)

Birding on the Outer Banks: January was full of rarities

Writing about February birding, here in mid-January, I can only hope that the good times, spelled r-a-r-i-t-i-e-s, continue!

A plethora of unusual birds has been located this winter in our area, many of them still lingering here at the time of this writing. How many will still be around in February and how many new ones will be discovered in the upcoming weeks remains to be seen.

The biggest news in birding this winter in North Carolina is our first record of Golden-crowned Sparrow that was discovered in late December in Harbinger.

This is a bird of the west coast, from Alaska to California, where it is fairly common. How and why those tiny brown wings brought it from the West Coast to the East Coast is anyone’s guess.