Carteret County Shore Protection Office

Beach renourishment set to begin along the Pine Knolls Shore coast

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) A portion of the Carteret County Occupancy tax is earmarked for beach re-nourishment, and with those funds available to them, the Shore Protection, starting in March, will be able to begin replenishing the beaches after the damage caused by Hurricane Florence.

Greg Rudolph with Shore Protection says compared to previous hurricanes, the damage caused by Florence was unprecedented.

“Irene we lost about 1.4 million cubic yards, Florence we lost 3.2 million cubic yards. So yeah, this was an unprecedented storm," said Rudolph.

Starting in March, Carteret County Shore Protection will begin work on the first of a two-phase project designed to re-nourish more than 900,000 cubic yards of sand. The project was one already in the works prior to Florence.

“We were really fortunate because we were planning a re-nourishment project about a year ago before Florence. So once Florence hit we just sort of re-configured things and were all ready to go with permitting and funding," Rudolph added.

The first phase, which will take approximately 60 days to complete, is expected to cost nearly $21 million.

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