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Groin 3 of the seven-groin restoration project is severely destabilized, having lost a lower foundation support stone. Other damages include other missing stones and significant vertical cracks. The groin is a “safety hazard to beach users due to potential failure of the structure,” the draft assessment said. Sea Engineering Inc. photos

Beach neighbors plan, propose to pay for multimillion-dollar groin repairs

Rock structures were contructed pre-1944 to stem sand loss and shoreline recession

A group of Spreckelsville Beach neighbors are proposing a more than $1 million project to repair the majority of remnant rock groin structures near their properties in an effort to stem sand loss and shoreline recession.

A draft environmental assessment for the project on the west end of beach, also known as Stable Beach, was published in Friday’s “The Environmental Notice”by the state Office of Environmental Quality Control.

The project involves repairing six of the seven rock groins that are believed to have been constructed pre-1944 and are “presently in deteriorated condition.” A seventh groin would be replaced with a new engineered groin.

The shoreline in the area has been relatively stable over the long term, with shoreline recessions typically being less than 1 foot per year, the draft assessment said. But in recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in sand loss and shoreline recession.

This was attributed to the continuing deterioration of the groins and the Japanese Tohoku tsunami in 2011, which damaged the groins. Sustained large winter surf over the past several years further damaged the groins and eroded away the sand, the draft assessment said.

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