Dome homes south of Marco Island are housing new life / Florida Weekly

Beach Erosion Has Claimed Iconic Southwest Florida Dome Homes Built to Withstand Hurricanes

The structures were part of a six-building complex with solar power and a water-collecting system. They were beachfront property when built in the 1980s. Erosion, hastened by hurricanes and storms, has destroyed the domes.

An iconic Southwest Florida landmark built to be self sustainable and stand up to hurricanes is being washed away into the Gulf of Mexico.

The "dome homes" on Cape Romano near Marco Island were a complex of circular concrete structures designed by a Tennessee man named Bob Lee who fell in love with the area.

Janet Maples, Lee's daughter, told her father built the domes in the mid-1980s.

"Daddy was just trying to build something that could withstand the weather," Maples said of her father. "He was kind of before his time."

Now the domes sit offshore, victims of the beach erosion that comes naturally to barrier islands and is hastened by storms, hurricanes and the passage of time. Two have completely collapsed into the water.

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