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Dennis Ryder

Managed Retreat: Beach access at Surfers Point in Ventura soon to grow

On thousands of miles of coastline dense with housing, businesses and recreational offerings, it is daunting to imagine how communities will be able to effectively manage the effects of rising seas. The project is being led by the city of Ventura and a joint powers authority of six coastal communities and the counties of Ventura and Santa Barbara that was formed to address coastal erosion (BEACON).

That’s what makes a stretch of shore in Ventura so important, says a multi-agency coalition of groups working on a project to do just that, while also increasing access to the precious resource. Near Surfers Point lies an opportunity to work with nature, they say, by moving a bike path and parking lot and letting the ocean do its natural thing.

Those plans took a big step forward Tuesday after the site’s biggest property owner signed off on the agreement.

The board for the Ventura County Fairgrounds voted 7-0, with Bonnie Atmore absent, to approve the conceptual design for the second phase of the Surfers Point Managed Retreat project.

“It’s really nice to get to this place,” said board President Leslie Cornejo.

Cornejo said it was a “relief” to get to a point where everyone’s needs were being met but especially those of the fair, which depends on parking for events to bring in revenue to its facility.

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