Pacific Northwest
Learn to surf in Tofino. Surf Sister

BC - Learn to Surf at the World’s Largest Female Only Instructor Surf School

Take the furthest route west in British Columbia and you’ll eventually come to the end of the road and be rewarded with a stay in Tofino.

Tofino is a place to relax, be still and enjoy all the Pacific Northwest mellow vibes. From hip food trucks, to arty stores and of course some of the most beautiful beaches made for surfing, Tofino is an amazing spot to give this sport a try.

Surf Sister located at the luxe yet friendly Pacific Sands Beach Resort is a surf school with a difference. The 30 plus instructors who teach at this school are all women and as such Surf Sister is the biggest all-female surf school in the world.

We spoke with Krissy Montgomery, also known as “Surf Momma,” the owner of Surf Sister to find out more.

Tell us about your history at Surf Sister.

Krissy Montgomery: Surf Sister was created in 1999 to offer a safe, fun and inclusive environment so women felt more inclined to take up the sport of surfing.

I came into the business in 2002 after a drawing of mine ended up in the hands of the old owner. She loved the drawing; it became the company logo and I was hired on as an instructor. Within a couple of months, I became the manager and eventually purchased the company in 2009.

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