via The Bahamas Tribune

Bahamas - Drilling Ship Sets Sail for Bahamas

The 750-foot Stena IceMAX drill ship has sailed from the Canary Islands en route to Grand Bahama in preparation to drill an exploratory oil well off the coast of West Andros.

The ship sailed in the face of notification that attorneys are in the process of filing Judicial Review proceedings, asking the Bahamas Supreme Court to scrutinise Bahamas Petroleum Company’s environmental approvals process. Among the points raised is the absence of a proper public consultation process as mandated by law.

“More than a week before the ship sailed, we advised BPC to cease and desist from mobilising until the courts have an opportunity to consider the matter, and warned that a decision to move forward regardless will be undertaken at their own risk,” said Rashema Ingraham, executive director of Waterkeepers Bahamas and member of the steering committee for Our Islands, Our Future.

“We hold that many things about the approvals process was improper, including the decision to switch from an approved ship to the IceMAX without conducting proper consultation.

BPC’s stated aim is to begin drilling on December 15 which means that time is of the essence if anti-drill campaigners hope to convince the company and The Bahamas government to pause and allow the judicial process to take its course.

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