Ocean Siren, by Jason deCaires Taylor Photograph: Jason deCaires Taylor

Australia - There is now an underwater museum inside the Great Barrier Reef

You can swim through the art

Australia's Great Barrier Reef, in Far North Queensland, is unquestionably one of the wonders of the world. Brightly coloured fish, coral and giant clams make the reef their home, drawing millions of tourists to the site every year.

In addition to these natural wonders, there is now a Museum of Underwater Art, with four separate sculptures by artist Jason deCaires Taylor along the Great Barrier Reef. Two are currently finished, with the other two due next year.

The first to be finished is the 'Ocean Siren', which is modelled on local Wulgurukaba Traditional Owner Takoda Johnson and is just off the coast of Townsville's Strand Jetty. The 'Ocean Siren' is above the waterline and changes colour based on live data from the Davies Reef weather station. It is designed to highlight the danger of coral bleaching and environmental damage in the reef due to climate change.

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