Numerous fish kills were recorded in February by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Credit: Shutterstock

Australia - New fish kills: Can we stop them?

The recent rains across NSW have brought much needed relief.

Water storage for our cities and towns have more than doubled and the ongoing threat from devastating bush fires has been all but extinguished. But the rains will bring some very unwelcome developments.

Unfortunately, we are beginning to see poor water quality and fish kills across our coastal creeks and rivers. Numerous fish kills have been recorded this month, with the NSW Department of Primary Industries recording 31 significant fish kills in coastal catchment in February alone. Some remarkable images of these dead fish have been streaming in from across our northern rivers and beyond. Many of these fish kills include thousands of dead fish with oysters and many other species impacted.

Why is this occurring? Because after the bushfires and subsequent rains, high levels of acidic waters, with low dissolved oxygen is making its way through our coastal waterways, running back to the ocean. This isn't because of the ash or fires but a historical issue of over-drainage.

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