Australia - Long-term plan for Stockton now on public exhibition

City of Newcastle has prepared a draft Coastal Management Program (CMP) for Stockton in partnership with the local community and you can provide your feedback during the exhibition period between 13 May and 10 June 2020.

View the relevant detailed technical reports and feedback will be considered and form the basis of a finalised CMP. You can also find some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

About the Stockton Coastal Management Program

City of Newcastle continues to work closely with our Stockton Community Liaison Group (SCLG), government agencies and members of our community to manage and care for our Stockton coastline. We recognise Stockton beach is precious to its local community and to those who visit Stockton each year.

Stockton beach has experienced erosion over many years and Council with support from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) Hunter team has undertaken a series of actions as identified within the Newcastle Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) 2018 to address this over the past few decades.

In response, the City is now working on developing a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for Stockton in accordance with the Coastal Management Act (2016) and is developing long-term actions to ensure we can help to effectively manage, maintain and protect Stockton.

We are talking to landowners, government agencies, community groups and members of our community as we prepare this Plan. The NSW Government’s deadline for councils to complete a CMP is 31 December 2021, however we are working to a deadline of 30 June 2020 in line with a direction from the Minister for Local Government. This direction was delivered to the City on 17 February 2020.

Our ongoing projects include the sand nourishment project, maintenance and construction including Mitchell Street seawall and stairways to ensure its future integrity, landscaping and coastline infrastructure works.

To learn more about what's involved with coastal processes click here.

What's the long term plan to manage Stockton's coastline?

Like all NSW coastal councils, City of Newcastle is required to complete a CMP to gain State Government approval for long term coordinated actions to adapt to current and future coastal hazards.

Taking sand from offshore and using it to replenish the beach is seen as a possible long-term solution to Stockton’s ongoing erosion issues but requires significant change to existing laws and approvals. Under the CMP we are required to investigate all potential sources of sand that might form a long-term sand nourishment strategy as part of managing ongoing challenges of coastal erosion at Stockton.

In response to the ongoing issues at Stockton, the State Government has formed a Stockton Erosion Taskforce with relevant agencies represented on it, whose objective is to secure a legal and sensible way of getting large volumes of sand back onto the beach.

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