Sand removed by a dredge from around the spit at Dolls Point is fed into a hopper. Picture: John Veage

Australia: Dredging project creates great interest while reshaping profile of beaches

The restoration of the beach at Ramsgate Baths is proving to be not only a civic engineering success but is also generating great interest for spectators.

Many people enjoying a walk along the beachfront pathway between Ramsgate and Dolls Point are stopping to marvel at the operation.

A cutter / suction dredge is reclaiming 28,000 cubic metres of sand from the spit that gradually expanded over the last decade near the Georges River 16ft Sailing Club.

Sand and water are pumped through a pipe along the walkway before being disgorged at Ramsgate.

The operation has dramatically changed the beach profile at both ends.

A large amount of sand around the remains of the old wharf has largely disappeared and a lagoon formed by water from Sandringham Bay.

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