Fertiliser run-off is a pollutant in the Barrier Reef, impacting its resilience to climate change.

Australia - Fertilizer run-off tracked to save Reef

Queensland farmers will be able to use their smartphones to track in real-time how much fertiliser is washing off their crops and polluting the Great Barrier Reef.

Fertiliser run-off is the main pollutant in the marine ecosystem, impacting reef health and its resilience to climate change, according to the Great Barrier Reef Authority.

It is also the main contributor to the outbreaks of coral-eating crown-of-thorns starfish because the nutrients in fertilisers cause algae outbreaks that feed the starfish.

Sugarcane farmers in far north Queensland will be able to use a mobile app developed by the CSIRO, that will help them manage fertiliser use and help reduce nitrogen run-off on to the reef.

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