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AU - Protecting our coastlines while large number of visitors put pressure on coastal communities

The pressure on accommodation on the Mid Coast these holidays has led to an increase in illegal camping, particularly in popular coastal communities.

MidCoast Council's rangers have been out in force over the festive season to deal with the increased number of visitors flocking to the region.

"While we welcome our visitors and hope everyone has a great time in the Mid Coast, we are urging people to ensure they have an accommodation or camping site booking before they come," said council's director of liveable communities, Paul De Szell.

"We understand that the large numbers of visitors the region is experiencing is impacting on our local communities - and we are working to ensure we have a balance between a strong visitor economy and the protection of our delicate foreshore environment."

Traffic congestion has also placed pressure on waste management contractors and emergency services when they are trying to get to popular locations. This is particularly the case for the Seal Rocks community who missed out on a waste service for several days due to cars parked in no stopping zones.

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