This photograph of the east entrance of the Cape Cod Canal from the Enterprise files shows the buildup of sand on Scusset Beach behind the largest of the canal jetties. ENTERPRISE FILE PHOTOGRAPH

Army Corps OK With Sandwich 'Borrowing' Sand From Scusset Beach

After a wait of several years, the town has received permission from the US Army Corps of Engineers to “borrow” much-needed sand from Scusset Beach.

The news, which came from the Army Corps late last week, gave town officials hope that severely eroded Town Neck Beach can be restored—and maintained—through periodic dredging of a site just offshore at Scusset.

“This is huge,” Town Manager George H. (Bud) Dunham said. “We’ve been working on these approvals for several years.”

Natural Resources Director David J. DeConto agreed.

“It is great news,” he said, adding that other federal agencies may still comment on the permit until October 29. “It is the first of three prongs that have to fall into place before we can really restore the beach.”

Mr. DeConto and Mr. Dunham said they are hoping the Army Corps will also soon reveal its findings in an ongoing study into why Town Neck has lost so much sand.

That report, known as the 111 Study, is expected to show that the large jetty on the Scusset Beach side of the east entrance of the Cape Cod Canal, which is federally owned, is the root cause of Town Neck Beach’s erosion problem.

“We’ve been told this report should be in final draft form by very late 2019 or early 2020,” Mr. Dunham said.

The town had previously been told by federal officials that the report would be finished by the end of summer.

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