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Army Corps of Engineers conducts new round of hearings on storm surge protections for New York Harbor

NEW YORK – The Army Corps of Engineers later today holds the first of eight public sessions to hear about proposals to build storm surge barriers in New York Harbor.

Today’s hearing in White Plains begins at 5 p.m. There will be another in Brooklyn on Wednesday, one on Tuesday, March 19 in Staten Island, another on Wednesday, and March 27 in Middletown, New Jersey.

On Wednesday, April 3, there will be a hearing a 5p.m. at the Hudson Valley Community center in Poughkeepsie, followed by a session on Tuesday, April 9 in Manhattan, one on April 1 in Lyndhurst, New Jersey and a final one on Wednesday, April 17 in the Bronx.

All but one of the proposals would see a giant underwater barrier that would be closed for coastal flood protection.

All of those are opposed by environmental organization Riverkeeper, noted Vice President for Advocacy and Patrol Boat Captain John Lipscomb.

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