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ARC - The Methanol Institute Calls for the Adoption of Methanol as Arctic Fuel

The Methanol Institute is urging the maritime community to mitigate pollution and emissions risk in Polar regions by adopting methanol as marine fuel, and applying bunkering guidelines developed by the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN).

The call is being issued on the back of IMO’s meeting in November which resulted in the adoption of amendments to MARPOL regulations to restrict the use of Heavy Fuel Oil in Arctic waters.

The ban has been criticized because it includes exemptions and waivers that can be granted by the Arctic States.

Specifically, under the new regulations, five central Arctic coastal States – Russia, Norway, Denmark (Greenland), Canada and the United States – will have the option of issuing waivers to their own flagged ships while they are operating in their own waters. As a result, a comprehensive ban on HFO may not come into effect until mid-2029.

The Clean Arctic Alliance believes this will create a two-tier system of environmental protection and enforcement in the Arctic because the regulation is not flag-neutral and negative environmental consequences in the Arctic’s territorial seas and exclusive economic zones.

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