Antigua: Gov’t to acquire beach access lands from Jolly Harbour

A resolution to compulsorily acquire the access area to the beach at Jolly Harbour was passed smoothly in the Lower House of Parliament, yesterday, with no objection.

“Be it resolved,” announced House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt, “that this Honourable House, on November 27th, 2019, by the Cabinet to acquire the parcel of land registered and described in the land register as registration South West, block number 55-1186A and parcel number 836, be acquired for a public purpose, namely for members of the public to access to the aforementioned land for recreational use.”

The passage of the resolution now paves the way for the government to acquire the 0.19 acres of land owned by and managed by Caribbean Developments Antigua Limited (CDAL), the Company that manages the Jolly Harbour development and also serves as a management company for Jolly Harbour’s more than 800 property owners.

The resolution comes amid the row in recent weeks by vendors who work on the beach.

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