'Animals are not entertainment': Sea World shuts down dolphin shows after protesters invade pool

Sea World has been forced to cancel two of its performing dolphin shows in a dramatic day on the Gold Coast, where protesters invaded the pools as part of a co-ordinated sting, leading to several arrests.

Two groups of activists from the Justice for Captives organisation targeted Saturday morning's dolphin show on the Gold Coast, unfurling banners saying "Animals are not entertainment," "Google Blackfish", "Dolphins belong in the ocean", and "Captivity is cruelty".

Initially, Sea World halted the show "temporarily" while 10 demonstrators who targeted the 11.15am show and were escorted out of the Queensland marine park by security.

But when another eight activists then interrupted the performance with a pair of protesters entering the pool carrying signs, an announcement came over the PA informing spectators that "due to unforeseen circumstances it has become necessary to cancel this show", according to video footage obtained exclusively by The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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