ERODED: The value of our coastal areas, now and in the future, is too important to ignore. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers

An Aussie Opinion: Stockton beach represents the failure of governments to deal with impact of coastal development

The Stockton beach I remember was a beautiful beach despite the debris of a busy trading port.

"Together with our many other regional beaches and small townships it will form an increasingly important and highly valuable public asset that supports the wellbeing of a rapidly growing population including the people of Sydney, who will increasingly seek the uncrowded beaches and waterways of coastal regions.

The solutions are known, the funds are available but there is no apparent political will. Almost $84 million was set aside by the NSW state coalition government for grants to manage and protect our beaches and waterways from 2017 until 2021. More than $60 million remains.

Stockton has a future just like all our many regional coastal communities have, but we need pragmatic parliamentary representatives who are prepared to buck the bureaucracy and get on with it."

Pat Aiken is the NSW Coastal Alliance coordinator, Central Coast

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