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With the Copper River salmon season set to start next month and the massive Bristol Bay fishery in June, the commissioner of the Department of Fish and Game says plans are in the works to harvest fish and keep communities safe. (Alaska Journal of Commerce)

AK - Safe conduct of Alaska salmon fisheries is possible during coronavirus crisis, Fish and Game says

State fisheries managers insist it is too early to close commercial salmon fisheries to prevent the spread of COVID-19 despite growing concerns from many in small communities about the coming influx of seasonal workers.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Commissioner Doug Vincent-Lang said in an interview that he is certainly aware of the issues that could arise from holding spring and summer salmon fisheries that start next month as everyone also attempts to limit the spread of the disease, but he stressed state officials are drafting plans to provide extra protection to local residents and fisheries workers.

He also noted that salmon is just one sector of the state’s diverse and year-round fishing industry.

“I think people are wondering whether we’re going to have fisheries; I think they forget that we actually have a lot of fisheries in the water right now and we’re geared up to manage those,” Vincent-Lang said.

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