Hawaii & Alaska
Crab boats moored in Dutch Harbor, AK with Mount Ballyhoo in the background. Image-National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

AK - Dutch Harbor Remains Top Fishing Port

According to the latest Fisheries of the US Report issued by NOAA Fisheries earlier this month, Dutch Harbor retained its title, for the 22nd consecutive year, as the nation’s top fishing port by volume, with 763 million pounds landed in 2018.

The annual federal report ranks Alaska first, among all states, in volume with landings of 5.4 billion pounds. Louisiana, 1 billion pounds; Washington, 590 million pounds; Virginia, 362.5 million pounds; and Mississippi with 320.3 million pounds came next.

New Bedford, Mass., was the leading US port for value for the 19th year in a row.

Alaska also led the nation in value of landings with $1.8 billion, followed by Massachusetts, $647.2 million; Maine, $587.4 million; Louisiana, $377.1 million; and Washington, $346.4 million.

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