After symposium, sea otters becoming hot topic on Oregon Coast

Aquarium announces plans for new sea otter facility and research group convenes in Newport to talk of future sea otter reintroduction in Oregon.

Last month, the Elakha (Chinook Indian word for sea otter) Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration of sea otters on the Oregon coast, hosted the first Sea Otter Symposium in Newport to discuss scientific understanding of sea otters and key questions about reintroduction in Oregon.

How are the Aquarium and Elakha Alliance related?

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is announcing plans for a new sea otter holding facility, whuch will allow the aquarium to care for additional rescued sea otters and facilitate new behind-the-scenes guest experiences.

Sea otters were added to the federal Endangered Species List in 1977; fur traders hunted the marine mammals nearly to extinction in the 18th and 19th centuries.

While strong populations of sea otters now live in California, Washington and Alaska, sea otters remain extinct in Oregon.

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