A $3,000 ‘sand mattress’ is actually helping save a portion of Waikiki Beach

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - With beach erosion a growing problem, experts have been closely watching a Waikiki Beach mediation project — and so far the results are positive. A year ago, crews installed a 100-by-12 foot sand-filled mattress as an emergency measure to stabilize the shoreline.

It’s no silver bullet. But ...

“It has been a big success. This erosion mattress has done exactly what was intended," said Dolan Eversole, the Waikiki Beach management coordinator for the University of Hawaii’s Sea Grant College Program.

“It doesn’t magically solve the erosion, but it simply keeps the dirt fill in place.”

City officials said there was a minor problem in August caused by a south swell that coincided with the king tides.

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