$940,000 state grant will aid Ogdensburg port project, but millions more still needed

OGDENSBURG, NY — A $940,000 grant announced by state officials Monday will help whittle the costs associated with dredging Ogdensburg Harbor and extending the port’s dock, but there is still nearly a $10 million gap to fill before the more than $24 million initiative becomes a reality.

roken into two components, the project calls for spending $10.1 million on deepening the St. Lawrence River at the Port of Ogdensburg, as well as an additional $14.5 million to pay for lengthening the terminal’s dock wall.

The estimated $24.6 million extension and deepening will allow the port authority to service two ships at once and could open up new business opportunities, according to officials. Right now the facility is capable of berthing only one vessel at a time.

But coming up with money to pay for the expansion and deepening — which have involved years of planning and engineering — has been a heavy lift for the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority, which operates the port and the Ogdensburg International Airport.

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