Billion Oyster Project, Brooklyn

9 Ocean Conservation Groups You Don't Know about...but Should

Big environmental groups get most of the press, but there are also many unsung heroes

It can be easy to focus on the bad news when we think about the ocean: climate change, overfishing, pollution, loss of coastal habitats, biodiversity loss. All that is real, and cause for concern and concerted action. Still, there is also cause to celebrate: there are incredible community-based organizations working to address those challenges and foster new leadership for conservation.

Often the big, international environmental groups get most of the press, the credit and the financial support. Their work is very important, but there are also so many unsung heroes. Further, with sea level rise and stronger storms resulting from climate change, vulnerable coastal communities are working to build by-us for-us solutions and mobilize a new generation of conservationists.

These nine local ocean conservation groups know that awareness is important, but it is not enough, so they are working toward something larger. They were recently identified by Ocean Collectiv and Students Rebuild (of the Bezos Family Foundation), and awarded small grants to expand their deep community engagement work grounded in social justice.

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