16 ways people fought to save Louisiana's coast in 2018

There's much to do to address land loss and reduce flooding along the Louisiana coast. Yet, here are 16 ways that progress was made toward those goals in 2018.

1. New land built

In 2018, Louisiana's Coastal Program dredged 22 million cubic yards of sediment and created 4,753 acres of new land and marsh. Since 2007, the program has dredged 152 million cubic yards of material, benefiting 46,058 acres of land.

2. More cute birds

Audubon Louisiana monitored 145 nest boxes of prothonotary warblers across nine study sites in Louisiana this year. Three sites were entirely run by volunteers. Average nest success across all study sites was 80 percent. A total of 311 prothonotary warbler chicks fledged from the nest boxes.

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