Rubjerg Knude lighthouse once stood 650 feet from the shore ( AP )

120-year-old lighthouse wheeled away from sea due to threat of coastal erosion

Danish ‘national treasure’ will be transported to safety at speed of 26 feet per hour

A 120-year-old lighthouse in northwestern Denmark has been put on wheels and rails in a bid to move it more than 250 feet away from the North Sea amid the threat of coastal erosion.

When the 76-feet Rubjerg Knude lighthouse was first lit in 1900, it was roughly 650 feet from the coast in Jutland. Now it is only about 20 feet away.

Local mayor Arne Boelt said “many things can go wrong” in moving the defunct lighthouse, which weighs about 1,000 tons and sits on top of a cliff 200 feet above sea level.

He added: “But it's worth the risk ... the alternative would be to dismantle the lighthouse."

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