Former Commissioner of the General Land Office of Texas Jerry Patterson

A lively conversation with a Texas coastal legend

Rob Nixon sits down with former Commissioner of the General Land Office of Texas Jerry Patterson to discuss the Texas Coast. Subjects discussed include: Jerry career of public service and 12 years as Land Commissioner; the Open Beaches Act and violations in Surfside and Galveston; Hurricane Rita and the infamous “condemnation letter” to property owners who ended up with homes on the wrong side of LOV; challenges to the rolling easement of the OBA in Brennan and Severance Cases; the Texas Supreme Court, Wayne Christian, Hurricane Ike; and, Jerry's thoughts on the future of Texas's open beaches.

Rob Nixon

Born and bred in Texas for better and worse, Rob grew up around his father, a pioneering FBI Agent and Texas Ranger, who instilled in him the Texas ethos of doing what is right and standing up for what you believe. He spent every summer in a small trailer with his family on the beaches of Isla Blanca Park on South Padre Island. In 2005, his beloved park was threatened by development that would have destroyed the lifestyle that generations of South Texas Families had enjoyed in camping at the beach. He became an accidental Activist and became a founding member of the South Texas Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. Since that time, he has built the South Texas Chapter into a well respected Community and Environmental Organization utilizing the Surfrider Foundation Chapter Network. In any issue that he is involved in his only thought is, "I want to look into my boys eyes when they get older and be able to say to them that I did everything in my power to protect and preserve our beaches and your right to enjoy them."